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Hi... we're in.... Buffalo!

Buffalo: "Hey, at least we aren't Rochester!"
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This is a general-purpose Buffalo-centric community. I, captain_tragedy, started it due to a lack of such a thing. There are communities for specific scenes and whatnot, already, but feel free to crosspost within reason.

Types of posts that are welcome:
-buying/selling your crap
-show announcements (put big fliers behind cuts, please)
-general relevant banter
-picking on the entire rest of New York State
-meetups with other folks
-anything that else that isn't specifically frowned upon

Posts that won't be allowed:
-spam for non-Buffalo events, unless you can justify it well
-anything to do with free ipods, gmail, or other pyramid schemes
-posts specifically meant to incite flamewars
-random off-topic bullshit

Additonally, bear in mind that the interests list is merely preliminary. Suggestions are welcome.