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Tue, Jan. 4th, 2011, 07:16 am

Dear Friends,

This Tuesday January 4th at 2pm there will be a Legislative Committee
meeting of the Buffalo Common Council on the 13th floor of City Hall to
discuss the Buffalo ban, and we need you to be there. The ban on
hydro-fracking for the city of Buffalo will be discussed for the second
time. EVERYONE is encouraged to attend, we need a great turn out. The folks
in Pittsburgh who passed the first large city ban against fracking stated
that it was because they were able to fill each public meeting with so many
concerned and angry citizens and we need to do the same.

Please come and bring your mother, uncle, cousin, neighbor or whoever else
with you. The number of people in attendance will speak volumes to the
council members, as council meetings usually don't bring in very many
people. Let's show our support for protection against gas drilling within
Buffalo and then spread the movement to the rest of NYS from there. This is
on national significance if it passes here.

During the committee meeting, there will be time for community members to
speak out publicly on fracking within the city of Buffalo.

The final vote date is still a few weeks away.

Hope to see you there!